2018 C&D Fixtures

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                                                                 2018 C&D League Fixtures 
          Division 3
Wed 9th May         Writtle C v PML
          Falcon B  v Boreham
          Stock B v S.W.F
          Lionmede v Ingatestone A
Wed 16th May         Stock B v Ingatestone A
          Boreham v Lionmede
          PML v Falcon B
          S.W.F v Writtle C
Wed  23th May          Ingatestone A v PML
          Boreham v S.W.F
          Lionmede v Falcon B
          Writtle C v Stock B
Wed 30th May         Ingatestone A v Writtle C
          PML v Boreham
          Lionmede v S.W.F
          Stock B v Falcon B
Wed 6th June         Ingatestone A v Boreham
          Lionmede v Writtle C
          Falcon B v S.W.F
          Stock B v PML
Wed 13th June         S.W.F v Ingatestone A
          Writtle C v Falcon B
          Boreham v Stock B
          PML v Lionmede
Wed 20th June         Falcon B v Ingatestone A
          Writtle C v Boreham
          S.W.F v PML
          Stock B v Lionmede
Wed 27st June   First Round Proper Atkinson Shield and Marconi Cup Matches
Wed 4th July          Ingatestone A v Falcon B 
           Boreham v Writtle C
           PML v S.W.F
           Lionmede v Stock B
Wed 11th July           Ingatestone A v S.W.F
            Falcon B v Writtle C
            Stock B v Boreham
            Lionmede v PML
Wed 18th July          Boreham v Ingatestone A
            Writtle C v Lionmede
            S.W.F v Falcon B
           PML v Stock B
Wed 25th July          Writtle C v Ingatestone A
           Boreham v PML
            S.W.F v Lionmede
           Falcon B v Stock B 
Wed 1st Aug          PML v Ingatestone A
          S.W.F v Boreham 
          Falcon B v Lionmede
          Stock B v Writtle C
Wed 8thAugust           Ingatestone A v Stock B
            Lionmede v Boreham
            Falcon B v PML
            Writtle C v S.W.F
Sat11th Aug                  Semi Final of Atkinson Shield Competition
Wed 15thAug          PML v Writtle C 
            Boreham v Falcon B 
            S.W.F v Stock B
            Ingatestone A v Lionmede