First time Bowlers

Bowls is sometimes seen as a sport played by the older generation but this is not the case!  It is a sport that can be enjoyed by all ages and is fun!

Our club has roll up sessions available on request to enable people to have a go  at a date and time to suit them . We also hold Open Days where ANYONE  can come along and simply have a go!

Members of the public are also welcome to watch a game – keep and eye out at Champions Manor Hall on a Tuesday evening, Wednesday evening and Sunday afternoons, just pop in and see what goes on!

Although this sport appears to be very simple it is not as easy as it looks ! The games can last between 2  and 3 hours  and sometime longer which requires a great deal of concentration and stamina and can be very tactical!

It is a game that involves individual competitions , team competitions, friendlies, mixed team competitions  allowing everyone of all abilities the opportunity to develop at their own pace and  we have trained coaches available to help .

This club has some very high ranking players to those who play for fun and the great company making it very inclusive !

New members always welcome  !