Opening Times

The outdoor greens open at 10am each day through till dusk.

Friendly Matches against other clubs are normally played on Saturday or Sunday afternoons. All members, regardless of ability, are encouraged to participate in the Friendly Matches.

There is a booking system so that anyone can book a rink in advance and know that they can play. Please contact us for further arrangements- see the website contact page.

Members of the club are welcome to attend at any time and if there is a rink available it can be used – at no additional cost.

Club roll-ups are held each week during the Summer – these are advised to all members via email/text. Members are also welcome to roll-up by themselves or with others at any other time as they always have access to all facilities. Non-members are welcome to attend one of the roll-ups where they can meet some of the members and participate in a game.

C&D league matches are  held on a Wednesday starting at 6pm in May and August months, 6:30pm in June and July.