Central Midweek Bowls League

As from 2017 SWF Bowls Club will be in Division 4 of the Chelmsford Mid-Week Bowls League (CMBL). There are 8 teams in each CMBL division league – the club play each team twice, once at home and once away. At the end of each season the top two teams are promoted to the next division and similarly the bottom two are relegated to the lower division. Men and ladies are permitted to bowl in the CMBL league.

A brief history of our participation in the CMBL:

2012 – 1st in Division 6       *** PROMOTED

2013 – 3rd in Division 5

2014 – 1st  in Division 5      *** PROMOTED

2015 – 2nd in Division 4    *** PROMOTED

2016 – 8th in Division 3     *** RELEGATED

2017 – 7th in Division 4      *** RELEGATED


CMBL Website – Click HERE